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About us


About Us

The National Institute for Industrial Training (NIIT) is a Private enterprise set up in 2008 to address rising concerns about the level of qualifications and skills of the workforce in Bahrain. The main goal of NIIT is to provide internationally recognized vocational qualifications, as well as hands on skills training.

NIIT's training programs are externally accredited by international partners who have  worldwide history on excellence and recognition as the leaders in the delivery of vocational trainings as well as the other training programmes.

NIIT's quality assurance is monitored and verified by EDEXCEL / Pearson UK, and QAAET for the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The institute also aims to continuously provide learners with innovative and enhanced form of training methodology. NIIT is a certified ISO institute under EN ISO 9001-2004 and BS OHSAS 18001-2007.

AN important aspect of NIIT’s philosophy is to provide quality training through the development of client-oriented employer led, programmes.
The institute prides itself on being the first Institute in Bahrain that offers internationally recognized engineering course that are tailored and aligned to the needs of the employer. NIIT introduced a unique Training & Employment Project- Engineering Multi-skills (EMS Programme) to recruit and train 100 of Bahraini job seekers in the technician level, a programme that is fully funded by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Also, NIIT introduced another unique Training & Employment Project- Automotive Apprenticeship Programme (AAP) to recruit and train 100 of Bahraini job seekers in the technician level, a programme that is fully funded by Tamkeen.

NIIT successfully completed a custom-designed apprenticeship training project for Tatweer Petroleum Co. (TATWEER Apprenticeship Programme) for 60 Bahraini job Seekers.

In addition NIIT has  a range of short courses that are well designed to fill the gap in the area of  skills development and competencies specifically designed for individual industry or field.

Finally, NIIT aims to play a vital role to help alleviate employment disparity and support the society, to enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies required to be employed by the local & international employers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.



    NIIT's mission is to provide flexible, high quality, life-long, world-class vocational training and education, benchmarked against professional standards that will meet meet the current and future needs of stakeholders, the government, community, employers and individuals in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf region.



    NIIT’s vision is to become the number one choice for industrial training in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its gulf neighbors.